Update: Lockwood Publishing raises $20,000 via Avakin Life to help aid Australia bushfires

All profits go to WIRES, a New South Wales charity

Update: Lockwood Publishing raises $20,000 via Avakin Life to help aid Australia bushfires

Update: Lockwood Publishing has raised $20,000 for Australia’s wildlife charity WIRES via its mobile app Avakin Life.

Over 25,000 Avakin players purchased the $1 bundle to help with efforts against bushfires in the country.

“We know that our Avakin community is driven to do good in the world, so as soon as the development team came to me with an idea to help support WIRES’ efforts in Australia, I was on board immediately," said Lockwood Publishing founder and CEO Halli Bjornsson.

"When an idea is both creative and does good, then how can anyone say no? The fact that we’ve raised $20,000 is incredible, and it makes me so proud of the community we’ve helped to create.”

Original Story: UK mobile studio Lockwood Publishing has launched a campaign to offer virtual Koalas within Avakin Life to help generate funds against the Australia bushfires.

Players that purchase the in-game animal will receive the companion while all profits for the Koala bundle will go to WIRES, a wildlife charity in New South Wales, Australia. Avakin Life users can develop a bond, go for walks, or hang out with others and their new Koala friend.

Since the fires began in June last year, an estimated one billion animals have died as a result. This initiative looks to utilise the seven million players in the Avakin Life community to help with aid.

"Global alarm"

"We are very passionate about the inclusive and borderless world we have created within our Avakin Life app, but it is the people who play in this world that matter most to us. Their concerns are our concerns," said Lockwood Publishing founder Halli Bjornsson.

"The devastating fires in Australia have caused global alarm, and so it only seemed right to engage our incredible community of Avakin Life players and allow them to help raise money and support this great wildlife rescue charity.”

To engage with the campaign efforts, people can follow and use the hashtag #AvakinsforAustralia.

The exclusive ‘Save the Koalas’ bundle will be available to purchase via the Avakin Life store from Friday 17th, January until midday on Friday 24th, January.

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