Mobile subscription service GameClub launches on Android

Was released for iOS in October 2019

Mobile subscription service GameClub launches on Android

All-you-can-play-mobile subscription service GameClub has been launched for the Android devices.

Previously, the service was only available to iOS users and was first released in October 2019. At launch, the App Store version had more than 100 titles available, with more being added each week. The subscription service was meant to hit Android devices in March 2020.

GameClub is a cross-platform subscription option, it gives consumers access to premium games for $4.99 a month. Furthermore, the games can be played offline and without ads or in-app purchases.

GameClub raised $2.5 million for its new service back in May 2019, as it wanted to bring old premium games back to life.

Cheap enjoyment

"Subscription is a healthier and less expensive way to enjoy games, eliminating the oppressive ads and loot boxes that define so-called free-to-play," said GameClub CEO Dan Sherman.

"GameClub is the only service that brings these benefits to the entire world of iOS and Android gamers. We're expanding our offering to deliver affordable, skill-based entertainment to gamers everywhere, on nearly any mobile phone or tablet."

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