Call of Duty: Mobile shoots its way through 300 million downloads

In just over one year

Call of Duty: Mobile shoots its way through 300 million downloads

Call of Duty: Mobile has shot its way through 300 million downloads.

Activision Blizzard took to Twitter (below) to share news of the milestone. The first-person mobile shooter was released on October 1st 2019, meaning the game racked up 300 million downloads in just over a year.

The mobile adaptation of the popular shooter franchise was always going to prove popular, given it already had a wide player base through consoles and PC.

However, Call of Duty: Mobile proved to be a serious smartphone contender early on, as it accumulated 100 million downloads within one week of launch. In eight months, that number jumped to 250 million installs.

Shoot 'em up

Not only has the mobile FPS proven popular in terms of downloads, but it has also been lucrative for Activision.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that the game was closing in on the $500 million revenue mark.

Furthermore, thanks to Activision's partnership with Tencent, Call of Duty: Mobile looks set to see even more success when it launches in China. If the 46 million pre-registers are anything to go by, the shooter will prove immensely popular when released in the country.

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