How to maximise mobile revenue on Android

Engage fans while saving time, money and resources

How to maximise mobile revenue on Android

iOS or Android? What used to seem like a video game developer’s dilemma in terms of player potential has finally become more a matter of monetisation preference.

As noted by Newzoo, iOS and Android have been more or less splitting mobile video game revenue over the past few years on a global level. Of course, as Statista reports, Android’s overwhelming 87 per cent mobile device market share may drive those numbers more in Android’s favor as time goes on.

On a global scale, iOS and Android can seem comparable. No matter how many copies of your game you sell, or how much in-game revenue you may generate through virtual items, virtual currencies, subscriptions, or other means, there’s a cost. The App Store will take 30 per cent of what you make on iOS. The Google Play Store will take 30% of what you make on Android.

…but should it?

With Xsolla In-Game Store for Android, you share just 5 per cent of your revenue. Yes, you can retain as much as 95 per cent of your sales by selling directly to players by simply implementing our SDK - no coding required. That means more profit for you.

While developers publishing directly to the Apple or Google Stores will still need to use their tools, Xsolla In-Game Store for Android is a potent option when expanding to Asian markets, where mobile video games are sold from a variety of third-party digital retailers.

Save time and resources with our comprehensive, global-ready functionality. Earn more profit for your business by avoiding Google Play Store fees and providing your audience with the items, currencies, subscriptions, and other functionality they want. For sales, payments, and growth, the In-Game Store is your all-in-one solution.

ROOMS: The Toymaker’s Mansion by HandMade Game is a mobile puzzle game designed for simple, fast, and fun gameplay. As such, HandMade Game wanted to help players get straight to the action by minimizing time-wasting steps, such as a complicated or slow login process.

By developing with the Unity SDK and integrating Xsolla In-Game Store for Android, HandMade Game was able to quickly and easily achieve their desired result while still receiving real-time player data, including payment information.

Maximise in-game sales

Using the Xsolla In-Game Store for Android SDK, HandMade Game was able to avoid Google Play fees by utilizing an alternative Android app platform where they could distribute their game and engage a new audience.

HandMade Game was also able to receive payments through two of the most important platforms in its target launch marketplace of China, which was critical to ensuring a maximum number of players were able to make purchases through the ROOMS in-game store.

Give players the goods

Xsolla In-Game Store empowers developers to sell virtually any (virtual) thing, including items, in-game currencies, DLC, subscriptions, and more.

With Xsolla In-Game Store for Android, the puzzle game ROOMS was able to solve its own puzzle, creating a frictionless gameplay experience stocked with fun in-game purchases for its players while maximizing its income in a global mobile video game marketplace.

Applying Success to Android

We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest video games to deliver fast, effective functionality with true-time, effort, and revenue savings. The Xsolla In-Game Store is ready to help you advance your Android efforts by engaging your players while enabling you to keep more of the profits you’ve worked to earn.

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