PGC Digital #4 - our editor's picks on unmissable content

PGC Digital #4 takes place November 9th - 13th

PGC Digital #4 - our editor's picks on unmissable content

Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4 is just around the corner - it's taking place on November 9th - 13th, which is less than two weeks away. If you haven't got a ticket yet - what're you doing? Get one right here.

We're an ambitious lot at Pocket Gamer HQ, and since our pandemic-based pivot to digital events earlier this year, we've worked hard to add more and more content to our online conferences. So much so, that we've made it a little hard to catch absolutely everything.

To make things a little easier, I've put together a little collection of some of my most-anticipated parts of PGC Digital #4. This is by no means a comprehensive list of everything worth seeing, but a bite-sized chunk of the content and sessions we've got planned.

And don't worry, if you miss anything, or two of your most anticipated talks clash with one another, all of the sessions will be available to watch again after the event has ended. We'll email the Zoom VODs out to all attendees, so you can catch up on things you missed or revisit a great talk.

But before we get stuck in - make sure you've got a ticket

Big Indie Pitch - on mobile AND PC/console

First up, we've got two Big Indie Pitch contests going on during PGC Digital #4. The BIP Mobile is our classic mobile game pitch event - giving indies a chance to show off their titles in front of a panel of specialist judges. The BIP for PC and console gives developers another shot to pitch their big-screen games too. 

Successful applicants will get three minutes with some of the leading figures in games, as well as a shot at winning some awesome prizes. You don't have to be a winner at the BIP to get noticed - we love checking out all the entrants. Check out the entry requirements for both Big Indie Pitches right here.

You'll have to bring your own drinks to the digital BIPs

Master the job hunt with Careers Week

2020 has cast uncertainty into a lot of lives of late, but opportunities in the games industry are still popping up. We want to make it easier than ever for jobseekers to take a shot at their next role in games.

During careers week, we'll be casting a spotlight on available roles and jobs across the industry. PGC Digital #4 guests will have access to a live digital jobs board showcasing all of the vacancies we can muster. You'll also get a mail-out of open roles directly to your inbox. 

We're also running a 'recruitment hour' in the PGC Digital #4 Discord channel, which all guests will be given access to. As we can't all gather in a big conference hall safely, the Discord will let recruiters and job seekers mingle safely and share opportunities. 

AND, we're working alongside Games Jobs Live event, a free, two-hour broadcast featuring companies that are looking to hire. To get involved with all things Career Week, pop over to the signup page

Chat with the Pocket Gamer gang at our Journalist Bar 

Despite the lack of an actual bar, we'll be bringing our journalist bar back once more to give developers the chance to connect with the teams at and It's a rare chance for us to get to know developers and games outside the confines of emails, and a great opportunity for upcoming devs to practise pitching, or learn more about how to get their work in front of the press. 

Our online journalist bar will take place in the PGC #4 Digital Discord server, where we'll have a dedicated channel. The bar will be open between 2pm and 3pm BST, as our journalists will be pretty busy throughout the week. That's your hour, use it well. 

Buff up on deals at the Games Industry Investment Summit 2020

This year, we're adding the Games Industry Investment Summit 2020 to the roster of free fringe events at PGC Digital. The summit takes place on Wednesday, November 11th between 6pm and 10pm BST, and will feature a host of speakers sharing their share their insights, data and advice on investing in the games space right now. The summit is in association with Enthusiast Gaming, and you can sign up for free right here.

The journalist bar, online experience may differ

Talks, talks, talks

With 16 tracks across five days and over 200 expert speakers, there's more than enough content to choose from at PGC Digital #4. Here's my pick of some of the coolest talks and speakers we have on offer this time around, but if you want to build a schedule that fits your interests better, head over to the PGC schedule.

Fireside Chat: The State of Play in the MENA Market
When: 9th Nov, 09:00 BST

Usually around this time in the year, the Pocket Gamer gang is jetting off to Jordan for a PGC. Since we can't do that this year, we've brought Jordan to you. PGC Digital #4 kicks off with a fireside chat with Amjad Alloush, program & initiatives manager at the King Abdullah II Fund for Development. Alongside our CEO Chris James, he'll be giving a rundown on the current state of the MENA market, plus all the trends, updates and topics you need to hear about. 

Voice Games - An Overview of an up and Coming Category
10th Nov, 11:00 BST

Voice games? Doesn't sound that exciting, right? Jeferson Valadares, co-founder and CEO of Doppio Games is here to counteract that thought with a rundown of why voice games are one of the most exciting up and coming new trends. Tune in to hear all about how speech-activated games are set to dominate. Ask Alexa to play Skyrim before you show up for this one. 

Playing with Your Viewers: Making Games for Twitch
11th Nov, 10:00 BST

Twitch has had its biggest year yet, and the integration of games on the platform is creating even more ways for viewers to connect with their favourite streamers. Joanna Haslam from Snap Finger Click knows a fair bit about creating great games especially for Twitch, and she'll be at PGC Digital sharing that insight with you lovely lot. 

Panel: Has the Influencer Market Matured?
When: 11th Nov. 16:00 BST

As the former editor of, I simply can't snub our wonderful esports & influencer sessions. I'll be hosting a hefty panel all about the history of the influencer market, where it's heading, and most importantly, whether it's grown up yet. I'll be joined by SIX amazing panellists; Richard Little from Influencer Stuff, Rebecca Longawa from Happy Warrior, Shawn Silverman from Brand Authors, James Spicer from Green Man Gaming, Shanzay Usama from Square Enix and Pascal Clarysse from Big Karma. *exhales*.

Managing a Career in Games for Over 35 Years
12th Nov, 16:00 BST

Industry veteran and founder of Legacy Games, Ariella Lehrer, will be stopping by PGC Digital #4 to chat about her long and illustrious career in this wacky industry of ours. She was creating Legacy Games while four-year-old me was clumsily fumbling with her first PlayStation, so I'm excited to hear Ariella's story and her secret to longevity in games. 

LGBTQ representation in games 
13th Nov, 10:30

If you don't know why this panel is important or why I've highlighted it, I suggest that you come along. Robin Gray from Gray Jones Media will be hosting a talk about the current state of representation in games, and why it is so important to not only do it, but also do it right. 

The Future of Music Partnerships in Gaming
13th Nov, 14:30

Music has always been a core component of a video game, from the iconic themes of old, to live concerts taking place inside Fortnite. Inder Phull, director and head of music at Graphite Music will be swinging into the final afternoon of PGC Digital #4 to talk about the relationship between music and gaming brands, and how the two can work together from here on out to create even more groundbreaking experiences for music and gaming fans alike.

Got a ticket yet?

If you're not feeling these picks, or you want to take a look at what else is on, the PCG Digital #4 schedule is live right here. If you don't want to watch these panels, I promise I won't take it personally. 

However, I might take it personally if you don't buy a ticket. You can do that over here. See you at the show!


Danielle Partis is editor of and former editor of She was named Journalist of the Year at the MCV Women in Games Awards 2019, as well as in the MCV 30 under 30 2020. Prior to Steel Media, she wrote about music and games at Team Rock.