Mobile gaming on the rise as 70 per cent of gamers are playing more than before

People aged 18-to-34 are the most likely to play games

Mobile gaming on the rise as 70 per cent of gamers are playing more than before

Mobile gaming has become more and more popular as 70 per cent of mobile gamers are playing more than before.

According to Google Play's mobile gaming in the context of COVID-19 research, in partnership with Savana, those aged 18-34 are more likely to play games than people in the 35-to-45 age range.

Insights for the study were taken from 10 markets – the US, the UK, Brazil, Japan, China, India, Korea, France, Germany, Russia.

In India, there has been a significant increase, 54 per cent, in the number of people playing more than before. Brazil came in at No.2 with 46 per cent. However, the global total hit 32 per cent.

When looking at specific countries, citizens in China are the most likely to play more mobile games. Meanwhile, mobile gamers in Germany, Japan and Russia are the least likely to spend more time playing.

Time well spent

To go alongside the increase in playing mobile games, 65 per cent of players have claimed their game sessions are now longer.

More specifically, 54 per cent of light gamers have had increased game time in one sitting, while 70 per cent and 73 per cent of medium gamers and heavy gamers, respectively, have claimed the same thing.

In terms of countries, Chinese and Indian players are more likely to have lengthy games sessions, while those in Japan and Germany are less likely to do so.

Furthermore, those that have increased the number of mobile games they play have insisted they are likely to continue playing more. However, people aged 25 and above are more inclined to play more.

Meanwhile, new mobile gamers are also more likely to continue with their picked up gaming habits when life returns to normal.

Get motivated

The increase in time mobile gamers are spending in-game can be attributed to a variety of different reasons. For example, India, Russia and Brazil-based respondents have begun to play more as a means of staying connected to friends and family.

Meanwhile, in the UK, players have shifted their focus to mobile games as a form of stress relief. In India, making progress in the game has proven to be a popular source of motivation. Interestingly, globally, 47 per cent and 65 per cent of light and heavy gamers, respectively, are playing more with loved ones.

Furthermore, when looking at the content of games, 46 per cent of mobile gamers would prefer to play a title that relies on skill. At 40 per cent, titles that are quick to master have proven to be the second-most-popular choice.

In contrast to that, just nine per cent of mobile players would prefer a game based on chance, while 15 per cent would like a title that takes longer to learn. However, when it comes to new smartphone gamers, particularly in the US, UK, India and Japan, the puzzle genre is most popular.

Splashing cash

More than a third of mobile gamers have spent more money than they would have before lockdown. Furthermore, at 43 per cent, men are more likely to spend money on a game than women who sit at 32 per cent.

However, when looking at specific markets, those in China are the most likely to spend more money than they would have previously. Overall, 66 per cent of Chinese mobile gamers will splash more cash.

Meanwhile, the Japanese market has a significantly lower percentage at 19 per cent.

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