2021 predictions and growth strategy - an industry conversation with Facebook Audience Network

The webinar will take place on Thursday 3rd November at 3pm

2021 predictions and growth strategy - an industry conversation with Facebook Audience Network

As we reflect on what was learnt during an unprecedented year, gaming businesses now look ahead to 2021 and how they will navigate the industry while evaluating existing strategies and conquering new ones.

The gaming industry is one that has continued to grow in 2020 and with this growth comes the natural shifts and evolving trends in ad monetisation. Insights and predictions for the year to come show us that opportunities to optimise and introduce new revenue streams abound for mobile gaming apps. But, from the IDFA deprecation to increasingly competitive markets, this isn’t without its challenges.

The webinar

In an upcoming webinar at 3pm GMT on Thursday 3rd December, and Facebook Audience Network will host an industry discussion titled '2021 Mobile Game Monetisation Trends: Building Your Growth Strategy'. host Dave Bradley and Facebook Audience Network’s Shri Gunasekera will also be joined by experts from two global publishers who will share their thoughts on the future of gaming and how they are strategising for the next 12 months.

During this 45-minute conversation, the panel will look at key insights and trends to prepare for, with topics including:

  • 2021 analyst predictions and trends
  • The rise of app bidding: efficient monetisation and a more open and fair advertising ecosystem
  • How to understand and use your growth levers
  • How rewarded video can help you maximize player experience & LTV (Lifetime Value)

Webinar hosts:

  • Shri Gunasekera, Strategic Partner Manager, Facebook Audience Network
  • Dave Bradley, CSO, Steel Media plc

… more speakers to be announced soon!

Join us live for what will be an insightful session!

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