Voodoo announces six regional winners of its $150,000 hypercasual contest

They were rewarded with $20,000

Voodoo announces six regional winners of its $150,000 hypercasual contest

Voodoo has named six winners of its runner and puzzle hypercasual competition.

The hypercasual competition, first announced in December 2020, is the largest to have been held by the French mobile developer and publisher.

Overall there six studios qualified for the regional prize of $20,000.

To qualify for the winnings, a game needed to have the lowest CPI and D1 retention of at least 30 per cent.

The winners are as follows:

  • Open a, G-Kit (Japan)
  • Grass Cut ASMR, NetMedia (China)
  • Left Turn!, Sergii Nagin (America)
  • Sling Birds 3D, Nazeer Ahmed (South Asia)
  • Pusher 3D, 2 Star Games (Asia Pacific)
  • Web Master, Dalak Games (Turkey)

Top talent

"The calibre of talent we continue to see in our competitions is inspiring and greatly demonstrates the ceaseless creativity of international games developers," said Voodoo head of publishing Alexander Shea.

"Through our competitions, we are proud to support the thriving hyper-casual games market, allowing creative developers to turn their dreams into a reality."

The top prize for the runner and puzzles competition was $150,000. Voodoo will announce the winners at a later date.

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