Ready to boost your game’s success in 2022? Pocket Gamer Connects London is the perfect opportunity to do just that

Get all the top tips from experts on setting your games up for success

Ready to boost your game’s success in 2022? Pocket Gamer Connects London is the perfect opportunity to do just that

You have put a lot of effort into developing your game and it’s now time to share your pride and joy with the world. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to give your game the best shot at success with top proven strategies.

At Pocket Gamer Connects London, we will gather together to collaborate, network and learn from each other’s expertise and proven strategies of success on February 14-15. Our hybrid event will welcome 1500 game industry professionals, 225 expert speakers and over 750 global companies to connect. This unmissable conference will feature all the top names in the industry as expert speakers sharing their insights, and this includes their proven strategies that have made their own games the successes they are known as today.

We have a track entirely dedicated to exploring case studies of successful games and what it takes to create one, and today, we’re delving a little deeper into what you can expect to see from the expert speakers we have lined up for you. Our Game Booster track is all about how you can boost your game’s own chances to succeed and gain the loyalty of your target audience. You will learn how to build a winning creative strategy for games that work in 2022, building games for Gen Z or “the Tik Tok generation” and much more.

Keep reading to see a schedule detailing what this track is all about.

Game Booster: February 14th

14:00 - We’re kicking off the afternoon with an unmissable session on how to build a winning creative strategy for games in 2022 with Yusuf Barutcu from MobileAction.

14:20 - Next up is a Fireside Chat on current and future multi-platform opportunities that will help your game get the recognition it deserves. Miikka Luotio from Xsolla and Robin Squire from Black Block will be leading the conversation.

14:40 - Learn all about how Loveshark works with Gen Z to create social games that resonate with them from Tara Louise Reddy.

15:00 - Don’t miss out on discussing the growth of mobile games and scaling opportunities for publishers with Arslan Kiran from Garena.

15:20 - We’re talking about all things user retention and user acquisition and how these should be prioritised with a fantastic panel. Our own Aaron Orr will be moderating a chat with Elina Arponen from Quicksave, Tone Brennan from MAG Interactive, Jon Calvin from Game If You Are, Samuel Worsley from Live Tech Games and Philipp J. Karstaedt from META Games.

16:00 - Join an insightful conversation with Nick Murray from Carry 1st on how far social systems have come in games, from the early days of facebook integration to more modern co-op and competitive features that encourage stronger social responses and KPI improvements.

16:20 - Next up is a conversation with Gus Viegas from Skunkworks on the current state of User Acquisition and what the future holds for the field.

16:40 - We’re rounding off the afternoon with Parin Shah from LEGO Ventures talking about how you can turn players into creators and the huge opportunities that could create for your game.

17:00 - TBA

This is just a taste of the 20 tracks that we have lined up for the London conference. Don’t miss out on viewing the conference schedule to get a glimpse at everything we have to offer at PG Connects London.

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We have both digital and in-person tickets available on our website now at a discounted price, don’t forget to buy your tickets today if you haven’t already to secure your place at our February conference. You can save up to $230 if you get your tickets before tomorrow, January 25th, at midnight when our Mid Term offer ends. Keep in mind that we have discounted tickets available for indie developers and students as well.

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