Huawei's AppGallery boasts 580m users and promotes lesser-known games at Editor's Choice Awards 2022

Huawei’s 2022 AppGallery awards marked numerous wins for mobile games, as well as their surpassing 580m users for the alternative storefront

Huawei's AppGallery boasts 580m users and promotes lesser-known games at Editor's Choice Awards 2022

Whilst some companies, such as Apple, maintain a monopoly on everything from data to their app store, other companies are happy to let competing storefronts stake a claim in their devices. One of these storefronts comes from one of the most significant competitors in the mobile scene, Chinese based Huawei. Their AppGallery storefront has surpassed 580m users as of the time of writing, and this month also saw the announcement of the winners in the AppGallery Editors’ Choice Awards 2022.

Not only did these awards see aspects such as Best Health App and Best Personal Growth App championed, but also a significant number of mobile games such as Summoners War, Infinity Kingdom and Lords Mobile taking home prizes. Huawei boasts of being the third largest mobile ecosystem, and with coverage of nearly half a billion users this is justified. They’ve often spoken about the advantages of being an alternative storefront, and with the stranglehold some companies have on their mobile ecosystems, they may have a point.

Huawei’s top picks for mobile games

Although their selections may not necessarily be heavyweights across the wider mobile ecosystem, it’s no surprise that AppGallery wants to promote games that are popular both in China and worldwide to show the reach of their brand. Huawei have been consistent in promoting themselves as an alternative to other providers, in both data privacy, device capabilities and now in the format and offerings in their AppGallery storefront.

Huawei also handed out awards for their business partners with the Grow With Huawei awards, to celebrate those who’d worked alongside the company. VP of Huawei Mobile Services Europe, Jaime Gonzalo commented positively about these new categories, saying “We announced these for the first time at Web Summit which was a fantastic forum for acknowledging the innovation and creativity that our users find in AppGallery. We were also able to recognise the achievements made by our partners who have collaborated with us to boost activation, monetisation and user retention. These not only help to create successful working relationships, but encourage improved engagement from our users too.”

We previously spoke to Jaime Gonzalo about the digital ecosystem and data that drives Huawei’s services, including AppGallery at PGC Helsinki. You can check out more from our interview with him here.

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