Get your guide to take your game to market successfully at Pocket Gamer Connects London

Learn the ins and outs of game development and securing vital funding for your games

Get your guide to take your game to market successfully at Pocket Gamer Connects London

Pocket Gamer Connects London is next week, and we are so excited to share with you all the wonderful curated content featuring the most insightful conference tracks yet.

The leading games industry conference Pocket Gamer Connects is returning to London on January 23rd to 24th, and it’s shaped up to be our biggest event so far. We’re welcoming over 2,000 attendees from the games industry to The Brewery in the heart of London to network, discover, pitch and learn from over 200 of the industry’s top thought leaders from around the globe across 31 diverse topic tracks spanning a variety of topics.

As our biggest conference yet, this is one you truly won’t want to miss! Head over to our website today to secure your seat at our show!

Today, we’re delving into tracks dedicated to your Game Development Success. Each and every single one of these tracks gives a unique and useful guide to all game developers in getting their game to market successfully.

Learn more about the tracks below…

Game Development Success

First up is the The Developer Toolkit track! We will be discussing everything a growing developer needs: essential, practical advice about all aspects of making games.

The Developer Toolkit: January 23rd

9:20 - Opening the track we have TransPerfect’s Blazej Zawadzki on how to offer high quality player support while delivering great data practices.
9:40 - Up next is a panel discussion on the gaming roadmap to 2030, looking at which new tech, trends and models we need to prepare for. Featuring: Super Evil Megacorp’s Taewon Yun, Dimoso’s Jacki Vause, The Game CFO Chris Hainsworth, Product Madness’ Liam Baloh, Redlight Finance’s Alex Van Hulle and Murka’s Barak David.

Following up is the Incredible Indies track. We will be discussing how to successfully thrive as a smaller studio in today’s competitive game development landscape.

Incredible Indies: January 24th

9:00 - To start the track, Leverage Partnership’s Christian Fonnesbech delivers a session on the ten most common mistakes on building game IPs and brands.
9:20 - Nerd Agency’s Jack Cooney talks about getting rich at a reasonable pace.
9:40 - Playdigious’ Xavier Liard discusses whether it is the right time to bring PC and console indie games to mobile.
10:00 - To round out the track is a panel on the rise of indie games, and whether it is a source of new life for the games industry. Featuring: Corbomite Games’ Oded Sharon, Hook Up The Game’s Sophie Artemigi, RocketRide Games’ Joel Nelson, Nifty Games’ Jon Middleton, Fundamentally Games’ Oscar Clark and Social First’s Kim Soares.

Next is the Show Me The Money track. We will be giving practical insight on securing the funding that will make a difference.

Thank you so much to Sanlo, our fabulous track sponsor for your support in bringing this track to life. Sanlo is a financial OS built specifically for game and app developers.

Show Me The Money: January 24th

14:00 - Kicking off the track is 4Players’ Patty Toledo, Sanlo’s Olya Caliujnaia and Super Evil Megacorp’s Kristian Segerstrale with a keynote session on raising capital in 2023, looking at the state and evolution of sources of financing for developers.
14:20 - Product Madness’ Zvika Pakula delivers a seminar on funding early stage gaming
14:40 - One of the first panels of the track has our panellists share tips and tricks for finding the right investment. Features: Play Ventures’ Harri Manninen, XR Games’ Bobby Thandi, Makers Fund’s Curtis Urbanwicz, Nine66’s Kadri Harma, Christopher Bergstresser and Kim Nordstrom.
15:20 - Following the panel is Fundamentally Games’ Ella Romanos on how to pitch for publisher funding.
15:40 - The next panel focuses on what the M&A scene will look like in 2023. Featuring CV Capital’s Jim Ying, Play Ventures’ Anton Backman, Agnitio Capital’s Shum Sign, Amber’s Catalin Butnariu, Transcend Fund’s Sikander Chahal, exmox/AONIC Group’s Caglar Eger.
16:20 - Stillfront Group’s Marina Andersson and 6waves’ Arthur Chow deliver a joint session on M&A and which benefits they see from different angles.
16:40 - Wrapping up the track is a panel on what developers can do to attract the right investment. Featuring: PROfounders Capital’s Sean Seton-Rogers, London Venture Partners’ Harry Hamer, The Games Angels’ Nick Button-Brown, Kabam Montreal’s Johan Eile, Supercell’s Timur Haussila, Hiro Capital’s Ian Livingstone CBE.

Next is the Game Dev Stories track. We will have game developers sharing their insights into the game development process.

Game Dev Stories: January 24th

9:00 - To kick off the Game Dev Stories track we have Mass Creation/We Dig Games’ Michal Azarewicz on how to profit from (what seems to be) a flop.
9:20 - Hyper Hippo’s Sam Fisher delivers a solo session on the learnings of ten years of Hyper Hippo.
9:40 - Sauce Labs’ Mac Clark hosts a seminar on succeeding by failing, a game developer’s journey into a mobile dev ops tool chain.
10:00 - To end the track is a panel on what every developer needs to know before joining the games industry.

The penultimate track is Game Maker Insights! We will share case studies from the front line, covering the likes of game design, audio, character design, UX, and narrative..

Game Maker Insights: January 24th

10:40 - Crytek’s Barbara Framil and Brittany Williams unite for a joint session on narrative design for live events.
11:00 - Geogrify’s Kate Edwards discusses the role of company/creator values in helping game content be ready for various international markets.
11:20 - The Game Design Studio’s Pascal Luban talks through how to use narrative techniques to make your game more appealing.
11:40 - Rounding out the track is a panel on how you can get the best from your community during difficult times for your game. Featuring: Quicksave Interactive’s Elina Arponen, MAG Interactive’s Chris Peters, Daniel Griffiths and EA’s Tulay McNally.

Finally, we have the track ASO Acumen. On this track, we will be discussing how you can help your game stand out on app stores.

A massive thank you to AppTweak for bringing this track to life. AppTweak is the leading ASO tool driven by data science. AppTweak empowers over 1,500 mobile leaders - such as Amazon, Jam City, Yelp and Adobe - to grow their apps and games with actionable insights in a simple interface.

ASO Acumen: January 24th

14:00 - To kickstart the track, we have AppTweak’s Emily Sugrue with a keynote on ASO trends to watch out for in 2023.
14:20 - Next is MobileAction’s Emre Bilgic on how to boost your ASO with apple search ads.
14:40 - Plarium’s Guy Ulmer talks about how to get your game noticed on the large distribution platforms.
15:00 - And to finish off the track is a panel on dealing with ASO in the current saturated mobile market. Featuring Nine66’s Alicja Drozdzyk, Emily Sugrue, Fundamentally Games’ Oscar Clark and Guy Ulmer.

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