RPGs saw a 4.76% increase in downloads last year

Downloads were up, however revenue for the genre fell 13.06 percent

RPGs saw a 4.76% increase in downloads last year

A SocialPeta report released delves into the performance of advertisers and creatives working in different genres in 2022.

The report notes that RPGs experienced a growth in downloads that was lower than the overall average growth, and a revenue decline that was greater than the overall change.” This suggests a somewhat mixed bag, with an increase in user acquisition being unable to offset a decrease in spending.

RPG genre saw a 4.76 percent increase in downloads compared to 2021, bringing the total to over 4 billion. Android devices saw a one percent increase in market share, bringing the total to 67.41 percent.

Revenue fell 13.06 percent, to approximately $25 billion, with iOS’s market share declining to 68.94 percent, compared to 69.75 percent in 2021.

Success in Asia

There were around five thousand RPG advertisers working in 2022, with 2483 monthly active advertisers. However, the genre came first in terms of the number of new creatives out of all examined genres, with 40.6 percent new creatives. Both metrics peaked in November, with almost 2.7 thousand active advertisers and 50 percent new creatives.

In total, while RPG advertisers accounted for just seven percent of the global total, creatives in the genre accounted for 14 percent of the total.

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Japan and Korea, and South East Asia were the biggest market for advertising in the genre, both in terms of the number of advertisers and creatives. These markets accounted for around 27 percent of the total. In terms of ad creatives, the regions accounted for around 25 percent of all ad creatives globally.

Overall, Android pulled ahead of iOS in terms of both percentage of advertisers (52 percent) and percentage of creatives (61 percent). On average, Android advertisers created 909 creatives each, compared to 627 on iOS, suggesting that Android devices remain the primary concern for ad advertisers.

The report also breaks down the top RPGs by advertising on both platforms, and interestingly the charts have few in common. Only three games, including Mighty Party, appear in both lists. This showcases the diversity of the genre, with advertisers on different platforms focusing on different games. reported that RPG dominated the charts in terms of consumer spend in 2022.

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