Yahaha Studios announces launch of 3D search tool Asset Ovi

The AI-assisted tool will help creators quickly find 3D game assets from a variety of stores

Yahaha Studios announces launch of 3D search tool Asset Ovi

'No code' game creation platform Yahaha Studios has announced the launch of YAHAHA Asset Ovi, an AI-assisted platform to help game developers search for 3D game assets quickly

The system was developed in collaboration with Jina AI and the company claims that the tool is “the go-to platform to search for assets for any level of creators, from students and hobbyists to indie developers and 3D creation experts.”

Asset Ovi lets users search for assets across several of the biggest 3D asset marketplaces, including the Unity Store and Sketchfab, through one coherent platform.

“Yahaha Studios is constantly investigating new technologies to support creators. We are passionate about making it easy to make great content and bring imagination to life,” said Yahaha Studios CEO Chris Zhu.

“When our research showed that some developers were spending hours searching different stores for assets, we wanted to help them. YAHAHA Asset Ovi is a free platform that anyone can use and it is integrated with other storefronts, such as the Unity Asset Store, saving game developers considerable time and frustration searching for the right assets.”

Shopping for the future

In order to make the new platform as creator-friendly as possible, Asset Ovi utilises the YAHAHA 3D viewer, through which assets can be viewed and examined prior to purchase. This includes the fine details of the asset, such as wireframe, post-processing, and material channels. Users can also perform mesh-to-mesh, text-to-mesh, and colour-to-mesh searches.

The search engine learns from large data sets to understand the shape, text, and colour of the asset with neural network algorithms, utilising AI to find the most relevant results. The engine will also continue to learn as more people use the platform, helping it understand more and become more accurate as time progresses.

In October, Yahaha Studios partnered with Synty Studios to expand its 3D asset library.



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