AppsFlyer keeps pace with cross-platform marketing and measurement tools

Game makers can get the stats they need and feel the benefit across multiple platforms

AppsFlyer keeps pace with cross-platform marketing and measurement tools

Mobile analytics firm AppsFlyer will be expanding its suite of marketing and measurement tools to cover cross-platform expansions into console and PC.

This latest change will enable publishers and developers to monitor and analyse marketing and campaign performance across mobile, PC and console. It comes at a time when cross-platform titles are becoming increasingly popular, and thus the demand for an all in-one solution to manage marketing and advertising campaigns across multiple platforms.

Director of product gaming at AppsFlyer, Adam Smart commented, “As we continue to improve measurement capabilities for brands and marketers, we’re giving gaming companies the tools they need to feel confident in their marketing, no matter the platform, by opening up new opportunities that have not been available before.”

“For gaming marketers and developers, providing exceptional experiences that extend across platforms is more important than ever, and the ability to measure everything in one place is the holy grail. AppsFlyer’s new PC and console measurement solution does just that by providing a holistic view from user acquisition to post-conversion, and gives marketers the insights they need to analyse media budget distribution, performance, Lifetime Value (LTV) and Return on Investment (ROI) across mobile, ConnectedTV (CTV), PC, console and web – in one unified platform,” he added.

Senior growth marketing manager at Kabam (Marvel Contest of Champions), Cole Carnes said, “Gaming is increasingly becoming a place for players to connect and socialise across every platform – including mobile, console and PC.”

“AppsFlyer’s ability to measure our marketing activity is essential for maximising audience engagement and growing new business opportunities, while continuously enhancing our content offerings to our players”

AppsFlying away

AppsFlyer are moving their service along with the market, with an increasing number of mobile games also featuring cross platform play on consoles and PC, or the creation of 'companion apps' on mobile that allow mobile play to accompany big screen offerings elsewhere. With advancing privacy concerns, increased competition in the space and rising costs as well as the popularity of cross-platform play, the time is very much right for mobile game-makers to spread their skills (and their title's potential) to PC and console too.

A number of highly successful titles such as Genshin Impact have already made their mark with cross-platform play, and many more niche genres such as CCG’s (Hearthstone, Marvel Snap, and more) all allow players to engage with the games the love on both mobile and PC.

Lead analyst at Newzoo, Tom Wijman, echoed the sentiment. "Traditional barriers between platforms are blurring. In today's gaming market, players play on more platforms than ever.

“Newzoo's research shows that these multi-platform players are more likely to be paying for games and spend more time playing on average per week. Therefore, it makes sense for developers and publishers to pursue a cross-platform strategy to ensure your game is available to players on the device they are playing on the moment they want to play. A tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of this strategy across all these devices is extremely powerful."

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