79% of all gamers play on their phones, with 35% only gaming on mobile devices

47% of gamers play on multiple platforms, but mobile dominates single-platform play

79% of all gamers play on their phones, with 35% only gaming on mobile devices

Newzoo’s Global Gamers Study 2023 has analysed the state of mobile gaming, finding that 47% of gamers play on multiple platforms, with 79% of all players gaming on their phones. This was followed by PC at 43% and consoles at 41%. Only 15% of gamers play on mobile, PC, and console..

In terms of those who exclusively use one platform, mobile is far and away the most popular platform at 35% of all gamers, compared to 9% who exclusively play on consoles and 8% who do so on PC, highlighting once again the popularity of the platform.

Newzoo attributes mobile’s strength to the lower barrier of entry and increased accessibility of mobile gaming compared to other platforms. This has made the platform an attractive investment prospect for PC and console developers, while advances in mobile and 5G technology and the rise of cloud gaming services allow for better player experiences, while giving players the opportunity to engage in IPs and franchises across platforms, with some of the biggest games of today being cross-platform hits such as Roblox or Fortnite.

Spending time

57% of gamers have spent money on gaming in the last six months, however mobile lags behind in this area compared to other platforms, with a play-to-pay conversion rate of 45%, compared to 55% for PC and 66% for console. Newzoo attributes this to the prevalence of the free-to-play business model on mobile gaming compared to other platforms. This makes in-game items a particularly important source of mobile gaming revenue.

A total of 87% of players spent money on in-game items over the past six months. The top three reasons given for spending money on games were a good price, sale, or special offer (34%), extra or exclusive playable content (34%) and personalising characters or things built in-game (29%).

In-game currency proved to be the most popular item for players to spend money on, at 29%. This was followed by expansion or content packs and in-game gear at 25% each.

50% of players have reported discovering new brands while gaming, while 47% reported that they were more likely to buy from a brand featured in their favourite games. Newzoo notes that as users turn to digital spaces brands are increasingly establishing their presence in the virtual world in an attempt to reach new audiences. Gaming brings added value to advertisers and marketers while providing an array of creative options to reach consumers in a way that feels more personal, playful, and immediately actionable.

Gamers worldwide proved to be more receptive to branded content and media collaborations, having more positive attitudes towards brands in every category studied.

Last month, a Newzoo report found that the mobile gaming industry declined 6.7% in 2022.


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