Celebrate Canada Day with us and enjoy 20% off your Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto ticket!

PG Connects Toronto is just around the corner, don’t miss out on taking advantage of our limited time flash sale this holiday weekend!

Celebrate Canada Day with us and enjoy 20% off your Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto ticket!

It’s not long now until Pocket Gamer Connects returns to Toronto on July 19-20, and we’re treating you to an additional 20% off our already discounted Mid-Term tickets.

July 19th to 20th, sees Europe’s leading b2b gaming industry conference back in Toronto for two days full of learning opportunities and an abundance of chances to network and expand your professional circle. You will get to join 750 game professionals from all over the world and hear from 120 of the world’s leading authorities on all the most pressing topics facing the industry today. It’s going to be an absolutely unforgettable and unmissable two days.

We’ve got a limited time offer that you’re not going to want to miss out on, and you only have a few short days to take advantage of it. Read up on all things Canada Day and head over to our website to take advantage of this super limited time flash sale!

What exactly is Canada Day?

Canada Day takes place annually on July 1st, and it’s described on the official Canada website as a celebration that shines a light on the people of Canada as well as Canadian diversity, inclusion and youth. In more historical terms, Canada Day “commemorates the anniversary of Confederation in 1867 when the British North America Act was passed”. Canada Day is a celebration of the country’s independence and its people.

Until 1982, this celebration was known as Dominion Day. It was known as Dominion Day since Canada became a self-governing dominion of Great Britain back in 1867, but more than a century later in 1982, Canada became fully independent and the holiday officially became known as Canada Day.

How do Canadians celebrate Canada Day?

Patriotic activities all around! To celebrate Canada Day, Canadians head out to Canada Day parades full of fireworks lighting up the sky, Canadian food and celebration galore. The Canadian flag is hung proudly from home windows, worn on clothing or even painted on the face. It’s all about showing Canadian pride! You can even watch live ceremonies of Canadian artists showcasing Canadian diversity and excellence online from anywhere in Canada, or if you’re in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, you can witness the highly anticipated show in person right in front of the parliament building.

Celebrations will also be taking place in the city of Toronto, with everything ranging from live performances and self-guided walking tours to kid’s activities and spectacular firework displays for Torontians to enjoy. It’s going to be an epic day to witness the fireworks at designated celebrations around the city, but Torontians will also get to witness the colourful displays from the comfort of their own backyards.

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See you in Toronto!

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