Hit comic book series Invincible to get new mobile game courtesy of Ubisoft

The series has seen a major boost in visibility thanks to a hugely successful animated show

Hit comic book series Invincible to get new mobile game courtesy of Ubisoft

Invincible, the comic-book turned hit animated show is set to receive its own mobile game, courtesy of Ubisoft.

Invincible: Guarding the Globe is based on the animated TV series, itself being an adaptation of the original hit comic book co-created by Robert Ottley, Robert Kirkman and Corey Walker. The game is being developed in collaboration with rights-holder Skybound Entertainment, and will be an idle RPG using cel-shaded graphics to mimic the style of the animated show.

Kirkman, who is also chairman and chief creative officer at Skybound commented, "It's been so exciting watching the Invincible universe evolve from comic book to TV series, and now to a video game. Invincible being a multi-hero narrative, I love that we've made the game into a multiplayer RPG and that you can fight numerous battles simultaneously. Ubisoft did an incredible job seamlessly recreating Invincible for the small screen."

Idle enthusiasm

However, despite a positive reception to the graphics and announcement trailer, many fans seemed disappointed to find the title would be a mobile title. Certainly, idle RPGs have been the go-to for many franchises seeking to find their way onto the platform, regardless of their original genre. It raises the question of whether this frustration is based on the platform or the genre itself.

Regardless of this, the announcement of Invincible: Guarding the Globe marks out just how vital mobile has become for companies seeking to bring their multimedia franchise to a wider audience. It also sees Skybound, itself responsible for the Walking Dead franchise - and coincidentally being an investor in the resurgent Telltale Games who themselves handled an adaptation of the zombie series - growing its multimedia presence and collaborating with a major player in the gaming industry, Ubisoft.

It's also a relatively small but significant win for Ubisoft as the company goes over a rough period fuelled by criticism of its culture and a failed bid for acquisition. Although Invincible is unlikely to turn the company around on its own, the title should be a fairly sure hit. And with the company's increased push into mobile, this may be an avenue for future success.

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