Rainbow Six Mobile’s rollout on pause as "areas for improvement" are addressed

The soft launch’s expansion has been delayed so the team can address feedback and improve the experience

Rainbow Six Mobile’s rollout on pause as "areas for improvement" are addressed

It’s been more than half a year since Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six mobile adaptation soft launched, and it hasn’t quite taken the world by storm just yet. However, the development team has provided an update on where things are headed for the title and what fans can expect going forward.

While the team is "incredibly proud of how the game is shaping up", it acknowledges there are "areas for improvement" within Rainbow Six Mobile. This has led to the decision to halt new content additions for the time being, while rollout to more territories has been placed on hiatus too, giving the team time to address feedback from players and improve the experience first.

Time to recalibrate

The countries where Rainbow Six Mobile is currently available will continue having access to the game, but servers outside these areas will be closed down - making joining in more difficult for some players. This means that the playerbase outside official soft launch areas can expect higher latency and connection difficulties in the near future.

Naturally, the team’s key focus will be to improve the performance of the Rainbow Six Mobile server, addressing connection issues and bugs currently present. Improving the gameplay experience across a range of mobile devices is also a priority, with the goal of bringing high FPS and graphics settings without compromising compatibility.

New content is also in the works as the team prepares for the eventual global launch.

"A heartfelt thank you to every player currently participating in this soft launch. Your support is invaluable, and we couldn't do this without all of you. Rest assured, we'll continue to keep you and the entire community informed regularly," said the dev team.

Ubisoft first unveiled Rainbow Six Mobile two years ago in April 2022, confirming that the game would be built from the ground up - not just ported from PC to handheld.

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