Jam City tackles DC and heads into MENA with Heroes & Villains puzzle RPG game

The studio is seeking to expand its free-to-play offerings and licenced titles

Jam City tackles DC and heads into MENA with Heroes & Villains puzzle RPG game

Jam City is set to release its latest title into full launch with DC Heroes & Villains, a free-to-play puzzle RPG game on iOS and Android.

DC Heroes & Villains sees many famous faces such as Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman, as well as members of their respective rogues galleries like the Joker and Lex Luthor, teaming up within the context of the game. It's another major multimedia effort for DC which, for all the difficulties it has faced on the movie side of the equation, has been argualy been outbatting Marvel in the reach of their franchises on gaming platforms.

On the release, EVP of games at Jam City Lisa Anderson commented, “Jam City is incredibly proud to be a partner of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC, one of the most prestigious and recognized entertainment brands in the world. With today’s launch of DC Heroes & Villains, we continue to expand our evergreen roster of beloved free-to-play games while delighting DC fans with our brand of unique, narrative-based and immersive mobile experiences.”

What's especially interesting about Heroes & Villains is not the licence or even the game itself, but that Jam City is actively partnering with Sandsoft Games to bring the title to millions of players in the Middle East and North Africa regions, the MENA market that we're consistently mentioning.

In a statement CEO of Sandsoft Games, David Fernández was extremely bullish: “Sandsoft is delighted to partner with Jam City to bring an exciting new title like DC Heroes & Villains, with globally recognized characters such as Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman, to audiences in the MENA region."

Marketing to MENA

It's unclear just how popular DC is in the MENA region - although given the world renown of these comics there's almost certainly an audience ready to receive them - but regardless of whether there's a content starved Batman fanbase in say, the UAE, it's clear that the market is slowly becoming a more important consideration for developers and publishers. Jam City are certainly a great example of a major developer tackling this market, and their entry on our Top 50 Game Makers of 2022 list should exemplify why their participation is of note.

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