Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis gets September 7 release date

The game finally approaches launch following a successful beta

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis gets September 7 release date

Square Enix has announced that its upcoming title, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, will launch on September 7.

First announced in 2021 alongside battle royale Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, Ever crisis is a mobile retelling of the various games within the so-called Compilation of Final Fantasy VII - a sub-series of the larger Final Fantasy Franchise that encompasses games, anime, films, and books. As arguably the most beloved RPG of all time, Final Fantasy VII has a detailed lore which encompasses a variety of titles, including mobile games exclusive to the Japanese market. Ever Crisis will mark the first time these stories are told to a wider audience.

Additionally, the title will feature original content such as the backstory of series villain Sephiroth.

Gameplay will be based on Final Fantasy’s Active Time Battle system, while featuring numerous quality of life enhancements such as auto mode and battle speed changes to help translate the series to mobile phones.
The game also includes a gacha system, including in-game items such as characters and weapons.
The game will be free-to-play and released episodically, and Square Enix intends for the game to act as an entry point for newcomers to the series.

The final word

Early reviews of the game have been mixed, with critics praising the combat and graphics while some, such as Digital Trends, criticised the “piecemeal” approach taken to the narrative, with iconic moments in the series excised or presented as cut scenes. In its review, IGN stated that while the game is “shaping up to be a well-designed gacha game”, it doesn’t quite live up to the original reveal, and may fail to effectively onboard newcomers to the series.

Will the game perform up to Square Enix's expectations? That's uncertain. The company's mobile arm has seen its share of difficulties lately, with several titles being shuttered, including The First Soldier. However, appetite for the franchise remains strong, and the game seems well-positioned for success.

Preregistration for the game is currently open ahead of its official release.



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