Leke Games expands into publishing

The casual developer is seeking independent developers to partner with in its new venture

Leke Games expands into publishing

Turkish developer Leke Games has announced that it is expanding into publishing

Speaking to Mobidictum co-founder Gökhan Çokkeçeci said, “We know that many high-potential games couldn’t make their voices heard. We are here to help more developers bring their games to life and ensure they get the value they deserve.

“We have a strong track record of developing successful casual games, and we believe that our expertise and resources can help independent developers achieve their goals.”

The company, perhaps best known for its titles Traffic Driving Zone, and Run To Colors, has amassed a community of over 8.135 million users worldwide, and is confident that it can translate its established success and resources into the world of publishing, helping independent developers reach a global audience. The company recently made a splash with the release of Defense of the Kings.

Wanted: Great new games

“We are thrilled to announce that we are ready to publish your games!” wrote the company on Linkedin. “With our experienced and ambitious team, we are looking forward to working with you all! Do you own a game that is not trusted to be the next hit? We have you covered.

“Let's work together and improve your games to be the next hit in the market. Our proven records come from our team's earlier hits and Leke's casual games in the top charts. United, we are stronger! Let's take a journey together on this ship. Publishing is a sweaty ride; you need budget, know-how, and trust in each other. The market is filling with lies and tears. We are here to fix all of that! With our mission of winning together with studios, we can help you grow!

“There are many ways to monetize your game. However, it is hard to choose a path to it. With our dedicated team assigned to you, our mission is to grow your revenues.”


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