YouTube celebrity MrBeast teams with Scopely’s Stumble Guys for new collaboration

The creator previously worked with Scopely on bringing exclusive levels and cosmetics to the game

YouTube celebrity MrBeast teams with Scopely’s Stumble Guys for new collaboration

YouTube entertainer MrBeast is set to partner with Scopely in a new collaboration and exclusive level for their battle-royale title Stumble Guys.

The collaboration will take the form of a new level in the game, entitled MrBeast’s Dangerous Traps, possibly inspired by a recent stunt video produced by the creator which saw a participant going through many similar traps in a game-show format. It’s also the second partnership between MrBeast and Stumble Guys, with the creator having previously collaborated on multiple new levels and cosmetics.

MrBeast is well-known for his various YouTube stunts, challenges and charity initiatives. His success over the past few years has elevated him to being the most-subscribed individual male creator on the platform, as well as owning of its most watched channels overall.

Scopely’s Stumble Guys needs little introduction, as it was one of many games inspired by the success - and initial stumbling (pun intended) - of Fall Guys, borrowing that game's gameshow obstacle course format, bringing it to mobile and expanding it in such a way that it has now overtaken its predecessor.

Are partnerships the way to go?

The deal looks like a match made in heaven with the broad appeal of MrBeast’s content sure to bring in a large audience. While working with a widely-played title such as Stumble Guys further cements the high profile of the YouTuber.

And if you want to reach a broad audience there’s no better platform than mobile. With Stumble Guys being a free-to-play title, available on both iOS and Android, as well as being accessible in terms of technical demands, there’s virtually no barrier of entry for a MrBeast fan.

As for Scopely, the developer is riding high off of a record-breaking acquisition by Savvy Games Group and the runaway success of their title Monopoly Go.

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