Netflix expands television game streaming beta to the United States

The initial beta took place in Canada and the United Kingdom

Netflix expands television game streaming beta to the United States

Streaming service Netflix is set to bring their television game streaming service beta to the United States.

As an expansion of Netflix games, the service currently being tested will allow Netflix users to stream games on their television, using their phone as a controller. At present the Netflix Games section is only available on mobile but it seems clear that a larger more encompassing endgame is at play here with Netflix entering the cloud gaming space with a view to offering its expanding game catalogue to include screens both big and small. 

First announced back in August, the television game streaming was pushed into beta in Canada and the United Kingdom for a limited time. It seems that this was successful, at least enough that it pushed Netflix to bring the beta to the United States, which is arguably their most successful market.

Is game streaming the next step?

Netflix has had a difficult time as of late, aside from being hit by the ongoing strikes which have ground much of US film and television production to a halt, there has also been multiple attempts by the company to up revenue with numerous controversial decisions - such as cracking down on password sharing and a possible price hike.

Despite this, Netflix Games has remained a bright spot, with a vast portfolio of titles not available even elsewhere on mobile. Netflix has certainly not been lacking in ambition, with games such as Samurai Shodown - a fighting game previously released only for consoles and PC - finding their way onto the service. Reports also indicate that Netflix are even hoping to bring one, or more, of the Grand Theft Auto series to their service.

However, by taking on other games streaming services such as Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus, or Nvidia GeForce Now, Netflix puts itself at risk of being outclassed in terms of the variety of games on offer. The service has managed to snap up some amazing titles, but can they hope to compete with the big hitters of the gaming industry? That remains to be seen.

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