Odeeo claims over 90% of audio ads are not skipped by gamers

Odeeo’s research provides tips on designing the ideal audio ads

Odeeo claims over 90% of audio ads are not skipped by gamers

The latest research by Israel-based in-game audio ad platform Odeeo has found that over 90% of audio ads are not skipped by gamers. This raised even higher to over 95% for shorter ads.

The research is based on data from 75 million ad impressions and 400 game partners, providing insights to advertisers and mobile game developers on the ideal ad lengths, volumes and more.

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Odeeo’s audio ads allow uninterrupted gameplay by presenting players with ads that don’t take over the screen, instead presenting clickable icons. The platform’s research found that the first ad to appear to players had the highest click-through rate with only a 6% skip rate. On this basis, a brand’s advert appearing first gives a noteworthy advantage, but it isn’t the only deciding factor.

Most mobile gamers have volume on during gameplay, Odeeo found, above the standardised 10% mark. And the research discovered that the rate of click-throughs on ads actually increased the higher players’ volumes were set, up to 60% before levelling off.

Shorter ads were also more successful, with fewer skips and higher engagement suggesting this is the way to go in most advertising cases.

"Over the past few years, we’ve had the privilege to run thousands of campaigns for major advertisers all around the world. As our offering has started to mature, we’re now able to quantify the impact of different drivers of ad performance at scale, and it’s exciting to share these insights with our partners," said Odeeo CEO Amit Monheit.

Odeeo has built a presence across the Middle East, Europe and the Americas, having developed its reputation from a niche in advertising in-game without disrupting gameplay or hindering players. The platform recorded 300% year-on-year revenue growth last year.

Odeeo also formed a partnership with Any Ever this year, offering a new touchpoint for audio campaigns, new targeting abilities, and more while bolstering its presence in Germany.

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