MAG Interactive records biggest year yet after Wordzee marketing push

MAG Interactive recorded net sales of $34.6 million this year, at a 10% yearly increase

MAG Interactive records biggest year yet after Wordzee marketing push

Mobile games developer MAG Interactive is known best for its word and trivia games, with its portfolio of Primetime, Word Mansion, Word Domination, Wordzee and more having been downloaded more than 350 million times.

And as 2023 approaches its end, MAG has released its yearly financial report revealing just how prolific this portfolio has become. Among its successes, MAG has seen eight million new installs this year, with 13 million unique players across 195 countries engaging with the catalogue over 308 million hours.

Overall, net sales in 2022/23 grew by 10% over 2021/22, landing this as MAG’s most successful year on record. This was driven by a rise from $0.062 per active user to $0.074 in the past year.

MAGic results

MAG Interactive’s net sales of SEK 362 million ($34.6 million) this year are attributable in no small part to the developer’s US fanbase, comprising 42% of its market revenue at a huge lead over its second-biggest market, Germany, with 24%. The Swedish market is currently the third-biggest contributor at 6%.

Notably, the US market’s spending has not only been the highest but has been over-proportional this year, with only 20% of downloads coming from the region. This also makes the US a smaller market for MAG games than Germany, representing 26% of installs. By downloads, France has come third among individual regions with 13%.

MAG’s quarterly breakdown shows curious results with a fall each quarter from SEK 97.3 million ($9.3 million) in Q1 to SEK 80.1 million ($7.7 million) in Q4 - quite the inversion from last year’s general rise from SEK 69.8 million ($6.7 million) in Q1 and SEK 90 million ($8.6 million) in Q4. In fact, MAG has performed worse in H2 this year than last, yet even so had such strong results in H1 that it has broken MAG's revenue records nonetheless.

Its growth can be attributed in part to increased marketing for Wordzee - MAG’s biggest revenue-earning game of the year - and QuizDuel’s 10th anniversary celebration.

As for its playerbase, MAG had a 62% male audience and 38% female this year.

"The last three years’ average revenue growth rate is 18%, while being consistently profitable on a yearly basis," noted MAG CEO Daniel Hasselberg, who marks 10 years in the role this year.

"Our next big milestone is to grow revenues to 500 MSEK per year, which enables us to achieve an EBIT margin of 20% given our organisation’s size and the profitability profile of our user acquisition (UA) investments. This continues to be the goal we work towards with full focus."

User acqusition has been an expressly important factor for MAG throughout 2023, and ultimately, it appears to have paid off.

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