My.Games' War Robots returns to China

Following a loss of licence in 2021 which it won back in 2023, a new deal with publisher iDreamSky now sees the game return to one of its top three markets

My.Games' War Robots returns to China

It’s good news for My.Games as their hit title War Games is now once again available to download and play in China.

,, returning the hit game (with over $750 in lifetime revenue) to one of its previously most lucrative markets.

“Сhina is one of the biggest game markets in the world. Furthermore, the return of our key project to China was always in My.Games’ sights,” said Elena Grigorian, CEO of My.Games. “Genre-wise, shooter games are among the most downloaded genres in the country, which opens up new possibilities for War Robots to grow even further.”

My.Games’ stats observe that overall, Chinese mobile players constitute approximately 24% of the total mobile players worldwide with 727 million players in the country. The Asia-Pacific region accounts for over half of the players in the world with around 40% of that volume being in China alone.

All in all exactly the place where you’d want your expertly crafted and perenially popular hit shooter franchise to be and since it’s departure the game has received a full graphics remaster, new features, a leaderboards system, events, new game modes and new mechs and weapons and features. It’s safe to say that Chinese players returning to the game are in for an all-new experience.

Reversal of fortune

Following its release in 2014, War Robots won more than 250 million registered players across multiple platforms but the the requirement of an ISBN publishing license in China removed the game in 2021. Up until that point around 20% of its downloads had been within China and the region was one of the top three markets for the game.

In March, 2023, the game was granted an ISBN license from China's State Administration of Press and Publication (SAPP) becoming only one of 27 foreign games that were granted a license.

“We were delighted to receive the approval of ISBN by the State Administration of Press and Publication," stated Alex Sorbac, Business Development Director at iDreamSky. “The War Robots team is exceptionally talented, they created a distinctive and captivating third-person PVP experience.

“It is with great anticipation that we in iDreamSky welcome this collaboration; our experienced publishing team is excited to introduce War Robots to Mainland China. Given the immense popularity of shooters and competitive games among Chinese players, we eagerly anticipate the launch of this localized version, which will further expand the War Robots franchise in China.”

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