Keywords Studios showcases new VIP Engagement & Growth Service at PGC London 2024

The company's new offering also includes a partnership with machine learning-powered platform SurgeROI

Keywords Studios showcases new VIP Engagement & Growth Service at PGC London 2024

International provider of creative and technology-enabled solutions Keywords Studios is offering clients a new path to boosted revenue as well as increased player loyalty with the addition of its new VIP Engagement & Growth service.

With a focus on the global video games and entertainment industries, the company's new offer also includes a new partnership with machine learning-powered platform SurgeROI.

Although VIPs can represent a minor fraction of the player base they can contribute to as much as 70% of a title's revenue. As such Keywords want to help establish connections with this segment, tailor their experiences, attentively consider their feedback, and understand their preferences.

Elevating player experience

Tony Grigg, managing director of Keywords’ Engage Business Division said, “Our goal has always been to support our clients in achieving greater efficiency and providing the best possible experience to their players. The VIP Engagement & Growth service and our new partnership with SurgeROI amplify how we continue serving our clients, deepening their connections with their players, and producing a definitive upside for their investment.”

The VIP Engagement & Growth service offered by Keywords is designed to provide clients with strategic consulting for the development of their VIP program. It also includes the deployment of seasoned account managers who actively make contact with VIPs, fostering relationship building and deepening connections.

Gemma Doyle, cofounder of SurgeROI, former VP of player success at Zynga, and architect of Zynga’s VIP programme, emphasised that, “Relationship building evolves over time - and you depend on your relationships with your players to keep them engaged, retained, and happily investing in the game.”

Clients utilizing the VIP Engagement & Growth service can enhance their programs by integrating SurgeROI and leveraging the capabilities of data science. Keywords' VIP account managers undergo training by Gemma Doyle on the SurgeROI platform and can promptly act on machine learning-driven insights, including churn risk, propensity to pay, and lapsed payments.

You can find out more about VIP Engagement & Growth here.

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