Mobile Movers: All the latest appointments and job moves from around the industry

Moving and shaking - there's new roles at Supercell, Keywords Studios, Microsoft, Griffin Gaming Partners, AdInMo and The Games Fund

Mobile Movers: All the latest appointments and job moves from around the industry

Who's going where and why… The mobile industry is huge and there's a lot to keep track of. Whether that’s new board members, executives or key team members moving on, jumping ship and getting ahead. Knowing who’s going where and doing what is key to understanding the industry and where to head next.

That’s where this our round-up of hires comes in. Who's doing what for who and where… Here's our latest rundown of the latest moves. Starting off today with…

Blandine Prost appointed as development director at Keywords Studios

Ireland-based Keywords Studios has appointed Blandine Prost as the company’s new global business development director, bringing 25 years of experience from across Babel Media and her prior roles at Keywords.

Prost started in production and transitioned into global sales at Keywords in 2014, collating experience in localisation, QA, business development, and in opening Keywords’ Montreal studio since then. This varied experience has earned Prost the new appointment, supporting Keywords on its mission to "imagine more" for the games industry globally.

"Having seen the video games industry evolve over the past 25 years, from back when we were faxing bug reports to what it is today, I’m excited to see the potential of where it can go in my new role at Keywords Studios - working with talented and inspiring people along the way," Prost said.

Leo Olebe becomes Microsoft's VP of global partnerships

After the talented head of YouTube Gaming Leo Olebe was laid off from Google among 100 job cuts at the giant's games business in January, he has now started a new position with Microsoft as Xbox’s VP of global partnerships.

His move from Google to Microsoft adds yet another high-profile name to his arsenal, with experience spanning Disney, Warner Bros., Kabam, Vivendi, Webzen, BioWare, GreatSchools, Gazillion Entertainment, and Zynga.

A seasoned game executive to be sure, Olebe’s time heading YouTube Gaming saw the platform reach record-breaking streaming views with over 90 million in 24 hours for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto VI reveal trailer. "Gaming connects the world, and we can all continue to make it inclusive and welcoming to everyone, everywhere. Let's GO!" Olebe posted on LinkedIn.

Aaron Loeb becomes operating partner at Griffin Gaming Partners

Aaron Loeb has joined Griffin Gaming Partners as an operating partner, bringing games industry experience to the firm that specialises in venture capital for the industry. Loeb’s new role means determining where to invest Griffin’s funds, and his prior involvement in mobile hits like Marvel: Contest of Champions and Monopoly Go demonstrate his ability to identify winners.

A Scopely veteran himself, Loeb has experience on the game development side as well as mergers, strategic manoeuvres and more.

"After a very rewarding (almost) year’s sabbatical, it’s time to get back to it! I’m thrilled to partner with Griffin and its investees toward gaming’s bright future. Our industry’s best days are ahead of us! We’re entering into a period of even greater innovation and opportunity than the last thirty years of astounding innovation and opportunity. I look forward to helping GGP and its investees lead and thrive," Loeb posted on LinkedIn.

Maurice Kroes appointed as Brawl Stars lead producer at Supercell

Supercell’s Brawl Stars team has its first-ever lead producer more than five years on from launch, and his name is Maurice Kroes. After beginning its search for an experienced producer last year who would excel in the dynamic and fast-moving mobile environment, Supercell has come to hire Kroes for the role after his former tenures at InnoGames, Talespin, Abstraction, Bossa Games, 7 Billion Fires and more.

Kores was the founder and CEO of 7 Billion Fires, in fact, having built a team with cross-platform multiplayer ambitions. Quite the jet setter, Kores’ roles have spanned Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and now Finland, being based in Helsinki for his new role with Supercell.

"Today was my first day at Supercell, joining the amazing Brawl Stars team as producer! I'm incredibly humbled and excited to join such an incredible company and talented group of people. Let's goooo!" Kores posted on LinkedIn.

Richard Brindley joins AdInMo

Tech expert Richard Brindley has been appointed as chief product and technology officer at AdInMo in the company’s latest step in expanding its leadership team. Coming from a CIO role at Vibrant Media, Brindley will help merge tech, ad tech and product worlds into one at AdInMo with a vision for reaching relevant in-game audiences via privacy-first addressability.

He will also oversee AdInMo’s data platform development and immersive in-game advertising products.

"Continuing to grow our leadership team is a real privilege; it’s always great to build your dream team and Richard’s extensive experience in adtech and contextual targeting complements our recent CRO appointment John Rankin’s strong background in ad monetisation," said AdInMo CEO and co-founder Kristan Rivers.

Alena Potorskaya takes up new role at The Games Fund

The Games Fund’s Cyprus team has a new head of legal, Alena Potorskaya. After six years of working alongside The Games Fund from Revera law group, Potorskaya is well versed assisting the fund and its portfolio companies through many transactions, and is now bringing that legal experience to the fund directly.

Potorskaya was named as the top legal counsel at Revera firm for three years running and is knowledgeable on legal support across data protection, GDPR, convertible loan agreements, IP contracts and more.

"We are excited to bring our partnership with Alena to the next level and warmly welcome her aboard!" The Games Fund posted on LinkedIn.



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