Ex-Mojang and Toca Boca devs raise €1.5m for new studio Roro

Stockholm-based developer working on "3D digital dollhouse" for mobile

Date Type Companies involved Size
January 31st, 2024 investment Roro $1.6m
Ex-Mojang and Toca Boca devs raise €1.5m for new studio Roro

A team of former Mojang and Toca Boca developers have raised €1.5m to found new Stockholm-based studio Roro.

The developer’s first project is described as a “3D digital dollhouse” aimed at fostering creativity and self-expression. Mobile is set to be the primary platform for the title, which will be available on both iOS and Android.

Crafting new ideas

Roro is headed up by former Toca Boca GM of New Digital Toys William Sampson as CEO, who has founded the studio with ex-Toadman Interactive CEO Robin Flodin. Meanwhile, former Mojang technical director Kristoffer Jelbring has taken up the same title at the new studio.

The startup's first investment round was led by, with participation from FOV Ventures, Robin Flodin, and several angel investors including Craig Fletcher, Nick Button Brown, Luis Villegas, Callum Underwood, and others.

“The industry has become much more aware of the potential of pure play in the last decade or so, but creative play and self-expression is overlooked with few studios building new quality experiences for our audience,” said Sampson. investment lead Daniela Sjunnesson added: “Roro truly captivates us, not just for its vision but also for its roots here in Sweden, as we are among the best regions in the world creating games for young audiences.

“The team, hailing from iconic Swedish studios like Toca Boca and Mojang and bringing a wealth of experience, had us hooked from the start.

“Their commitment to fostering self-expression and creative freedom aligns perfectly with a growing trend
among the younger generation. We are very excited to support Roro on this path."

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