Eggy Party sails past 100 million user-generated maps

60% of players actively create content, fired up by the game's incentive program.

Eggy Party sails past 100 million user-generated maps

NetEase Games has revealed that its multiplayer mobile party game Eggy Party now has over 100 million user-generated maps.

In a session at the GDC 2024 conference titled “Keep It Simple, Make It Fun: Creative Thinking With User-Generated Content,” producer and general manager of Eggy Studio Kwan Cheng and brand marketing manager for Eggy Party in North America, Tony Liu, delved into how the game boasts a library of over 100 million maps created to date.

During their presentation, both Cheng and Liu discussed the game's success with user-generated content. They attributed the creation of over 100 million maps to the user-friendly editor and tools like Egg Code and its AI-powered AIGC, adding that algorithmic recommendations tailored to player preferences further facilitated content creation.

Cheng and Liu also highlighted that 60% of players actively create content, which is encouraged by the game's incentive program.

Infinite possibilities of the Eggyverse

“With more than 100 million high-quality UGC maps in Eggy Party, global players have been very active to immerse themselves in the infinite possibilities of the Eggyverse,” Said Matt Liu, head of NetEase Games overseas publishing. “We appreciate our fans' amazing work and enthusiasm, and we are eager to welcome more players to join us on Eggy Party's fantastic journey!”

After an early access phase last year, Eggy Party launched in early 2024 and represents Tencent's iteration of the popular Stumble Guys concept, which itself drew inspiration from the hit Fall Guys game on consoles and PCs.

Following in the footsteps of these predecessors, Eggy Party offers a rather whimsical and chaotic multiplayer experience where players navigate obstacle courses and compete in various challenges to emerge victorious. The game boasts more than 40 million daily active users in China as of February 9, 2024.

In its recent Q4 financials, NetEase shared that it achieved ¥16.8 billion ($2.4 billion) in gross profit, marking a 27% year-on-year increase. Profits from its gaming division also saw a 9.6% year-on-year rise to ¥20.9 billion ($2.9 billion) during the quarter.

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