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AdRally boosts MMX Racing ad ARPDAU by 46%

UK studio Hutch has a new ad mediation strategy

AdRally boosts MMX Racing ad ARPDAU by 46%

A step change in its ad mediation strategy has meant that London-based Hutch Games has improved its average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) on its MMX Racing title by 46 percent.

Created by Canadian outfit Fuse Powered, AdRally is a single source ad monetization solution that provides in-game rewarded and non-rewarded ad placements.

Put your foot on the gas

Hutch replaced its conventional ad mediation solution in MMX Racing for AdRally that comes packaged in a single SDK.

By doing so, MMX Racing’s average ad ARPDAU jumped from 1.81¢ to 2.64¢, and is still on the rise beyond 3¢.

"Our team and technology take all the headaches out of trying to mediate and manage multiple ad networks to maximize ad revenue,” explains Fuse Powered CEO, Jon Walsh.

“We work with a vigorously vetted collection of the industry’s top performers that include AdColony, AppLovin’, Unity Ads and MoPub, all rolled into a single SDK that we optimize in every region, every day. The bottom line is more ad revenue with far less hassle for publishers."

In achieving these results, Hutch did not have to switch ad networks - AdRally optimized the same ad networks the UK studio had been using but applied its own brand of proprietary automated logic that blacklists certain campaigns.

“With AdRally, I get higher ad revenue without the hassle of trying to manage individual ad networks so my team can focus on what they do best - making great games!” says Shaun Rutland, Founder of Hutch.

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