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Need an idea for a hit new game? Ask Ludo AI

Ludo opens up to the world and early adopters will get an opportunity to access the platform free of charge

Need an idea for a hit new game? Ask Ludo AI

The world’s first AI platform for games ideation goes into open beta and looks set to revolutionise the games creation process

Creativity is the new currency in the games industry: the heat is on to create new, hit games that attract players quickly and monetise swiftly. Games are thrown into the app stores and spat out when they don’t perform with increasing rapidity. And coming up with the ideas and new game concepts is a constant pressure.

Not for much longer! Ludo AI is the world’s first artificial intelligence platform for games concept creation - accelerating and democratising games creation - and today it goes into open beta. And for anyone who is in need of a new idea for a game, whether it be a match-three, a puzzle game, an endless runner, or even a mashup, Ludo can help you come up with hundreds of game ideas and concepts within minutes. It doesn’t matter what genre or platform, Ludo is the natural go-to solution for new games ideas.

Ludo (Latin for ‘I Play’) makes games concepting and ideation simple. Just by using powerful and intuitive keyword or sentence searches, Ludo can access its database of close to a million games and return with the new game concept, complete with assets, text and comparisons of similar games.

Ludo uses machine learning and natural language processing to develop game concepts 24 hours a day. The platform is constantly learning and evolving which enables it to come up with unique and original ideas - even with the same parameters entered twice.

Ludo has been in closed beta with a dozen studios across the globe, making it truly global in approach, and was really well received by all of the studios giving actionable feedback and finding it to be a near replacement for their traditional brainstorming processes.

Ludo has been created by a small outstanding global team of AI Ph.D.'s and the brainchild of seasoned entrepreneur Tom Pigott, CEO of Jet Play, the developer of Ludo.

Today, Ludo opens up to the world and early adopters will get a unique opportunity to access the platform free of charge giving them a head start on a mobile game creation approach that works.

Due to the tremendous interest, there is a waitlist: those interested in joining the Ludo open beta can apply or find out more here.

Very soon, Ludo hopes to become an integral part of every studio’s games ideation process. Ludo’s CEO and founder Tom Pigott will be speaking on day one of PG Connects Digital #5 about Ludo and harnessing the power of AI for making hit new games. Find out more at regularly posts content from a variety of guest writers across the games industry. These encompass a wide range of topics and people from different backgrounds and diversities, sharing their opinion on the hottest trending topics, undiscovered gems and what the future of the business holds.