Jet Play launches its AI ideation platform Ludo

From $20 a month

Jet Play launches its AI ideation platform Ludo

Jet Play's AI gamestorming platform Ludo has left beta and fully launched with a range of new features.

Developers that are interested in joining Ludo can enjoy a 30-day free trial, before paying for a subscription on a monthly basis, starting from $20.

Users set parameters by providing keywords, natural language descriptions, game mechanics, or imagery and Ludo returns multiple written game concepts, artwork and images by analysing its growing database of almost 1 million games and 2.5 million images.

"The new features in Ludo are the result of the fantastic feedback we received during the open beta, and make it even easier for anyone to come up with a great game idea," said Jet Play CEO Tom Pigott.

"AI has been in games for over 40 years, and now it's part of the development process. The positive response to the Ludo platform tells us that it is becoming a key part of the developer toolkit for our users."

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