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Tough at the top: Has Android's US share peaked?

Only iOS and Windows Phone growing share, says comScore

Tough at the top: Has Android's US share peaked?
As Android continues to grow on a global basis, it would appear its share in the US may have peaked.

The latest numbers published by comScore suggest Android's dominant share of the smartphone market in the United States – Google's platform holding a 52 percent share - is now stagnant.

Indeed, while the sector as a whole continues to attract a growing number of consumers, movement between both the operating systems and the manufacturers is almost non-existent.

Two at the top

Apple and Samsung are the only manufacturers to report share growth, with Apple topping the table on 40 percent as the largest OEM in the US.

However, while Samsung trails by some distance – the Korean giant holding a 23.7 percent stake – the firm enjoyed a higher rate of growth than Apple over the report's three month period ending June.

The Galaxy S manufacturer saw it's market share increase by 2 percent, overshadowing Apple's 0.9 percent growth, helping to narrow the gap between the two.

The rest of the market, however, appears to have suffered as US consumers are increasing drawn to either Samsung or Apple, with HTC, Motorola, and LG all suffering a drop in share.

No BlackBerry bounce

As you might expect, the battle between operating systems mirrors the tussle between manufacturers, with two platforms – Android and iOS – dominating the market, well ahead of their rivals.

As a result, both BlackBerry and Symbian saw their share decline – the former dropping by 0.8 percent despite the much publicised launch of BlackBerry 10 devices in the region.

Indeed, the only operating system to gain share other than iOS is Microsoft's Windows Phone, which comScore claims grew by 0.1 percentage points over the three month period.

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