Ad video platform Vungle raises $6.5 million

Has hosted 2 billion views since launch

Date Type Companies involved Size
August 15th, 2013 investment Crosslink Capital
Ad video platform Vungle raises $6.5 million

Video ad platform Vungle has raised $6.5 million in its Series A funding round.

It was led by Crosslink Capital with participation from existing investors.

This brings the company's total funding to $8 million.

In conjunction with the announcement,Vungle also revealed its ad network has received over 2 billion view since launch.

Lights, action

Running across iOS and Android, Vungle enables developers to embed 15 seconds of HD video into their content.

Companies using the service include Cut the Rope developer ZeptoLab.

"Vungle has the most attractive video format on the market, which has allowed us to easily monetize Cut the Rope in a way that complements our engaging UX and widely-beloved content," said its CRO Diana Moldavsky.

Clash of trends

"Mobile video advertising is at the center of two huge trends - people spending more time on mobile than on TV or computers, and mobile users becoming increasingly sophisticated and demanding experiences that involve sound and motion - not just static banners," said CEO Zain Jaffer.

"As the leader in in-app video advertising, Vungle gives app developers and publishers the tools to capitalize on those trends. We want to enable developers to monetize by providing users with amazing mobile video experiences."

[source: Vungle]

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