15 exclusive one-on-one chats with games industry experts from Pocket Gamer Connects London 2020

The HyprMX interview sessions return for another year

15 exclusive one-on-one chats with games industry experts from Pocket Gamer Connects London 2020

HyprMX, a leading all-brand ad network, teamed up with PocketGamer.biz to sit down for one-on-one interviews with the industry’s top professionals at Pocket Gamer Connects London in 2020.

Guests shared insights on ad monetisation, user segmentation, hyper- and hybrid-casual games and publishing, in-app bidding, and more.

The stellar lineup includes industry pros from 15 companies including SYBO, Avid.ly, and Kolibri. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Qualities publishers are looking for in their next title
  • The future of in-app bidding
  • SDK component integration
  • Challenges in the game industry and how to solve them
  • Leveraging and marketing successful mobile IPs
  • Mobile as an e-sport platform
  • 2020 monetization trends
  • Tips for working with major studios
  • Cross-platform play and more

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  • 1 HyprMX HyprChats: Coda Platform

    Andrew French, Chief Operating Officer at Coda Platform, on publisher involvement and SDK component integration.

  • 2 HyprMX HyprChats: Avid.ly

    Melinda Kang, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development Lead at Avid.ly, on title publishing in different markets and the distinction between light and traditional publishing.

  • 3 HyprMX HyprChats: Turborilla

    Mattias Wiking, CEO of Turborilla, on how to balance skill-based gameplay with game monetization.

  • 4 HyprMX HyprChats: Kabam

    Johan Eile, General Manager at Kabam Montreal, on the current landscape of AAA gaming and which mobile games have his attention.

  • 5 HyprMX HyprChats: Homa Games

    Jon Hook, CRO of Homa Games—the studio behind the #1 hit game Balls vs Lasers—on the company's extended growth in the hyper-casual space and working in the mobile gaming industry.

  • 6 HyprMX HyprChats: Wooga

    Jan Pollack, Senior Ad Monetization Manager at Wooga, on transitioning from service provider to game studio and what games he's playing right now.

  • 7 HyprMX HyprChats: Uken Games

    Conrad McGee-Stocks, Director of Growth at Uken Games, on the differences between working with licensed and original IP, and some of the 2020 trends he's seeing this year.

  • 8 HyprMX HyprChats: SYBO Games

    Farhan Haq, Head of Performance Marketing and Mobile at SYBO, on their success with Subway Surfers and striking a balance between IAPs and ad revenue.

  • 9 HyprMX HyprChats: GameBiz Consulting

    Bozo Janković, Business Development Manager at GameBiz Consulting, on working with studios and how to push for a more transparent market.

  • 10 HyprMx HyprChats: Kwalee

    Anthony Pascale, Acquisition and Monetization Executive Lead at Kwalee, on hyper-casual overcrowding and 2020 monetization trends.

  • 11 HyprMX HyprChats: DECA Games

    Stephen Lee, Head of Business Development at Deca Games, on strategies for working with older game titles and engaging the most passionate fanbases.

  • 12 HyprMX HyprChats: Fingersoft

    Sami Saari, Marketing Director at Fingersoft, on the future of in-app bidding and the power of organic downloads.

  • 13 HyprMX HyprChats: Lockwood Publishing

    Oliver Kern, CCO at Lockwood Publishing, on how to succeed with native advertising and the importance of keeping games relevant.

  • 14 HyprMX HyprChats: Kolibri Games

    Nate Barker, Director of Business Development for Kolibri Games, on the differences between monetization in hyper-casual gaming and idle gaming.

  • 15 HyprMX HyprChats: Freeverse

    Alun Evans, CEO at Freeverse, on how to create value with your in-game currency and why peer-to-peer markets are popping up in mobile gaming.

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