Gamelight sets sights on $1 billion annual revenue in 2024

We spoke to co-founder Günay Aliyeva to learn how the company reached the billion-dollar revenue mark in a year and to find out future plans

Gamelight sets sights on $1 billion annual revenue in 2024

Mobile marketing company Gamelight is set to hit an impressive $1 billion annual revenue in 2024 - just a year after it launched. The company's success can be attributed to its award-winning AI algorithm that aims to transform how mobile marketing campaigns are executed.

The company has a diverse team operating behind the scenes across 12 locations globally, according to the announcement. From the central office in Hamburg to branches in Canada, the UK, China and throughout Europe, this international team cultivates diverse perspectives and an inclusive culture, driving the company's growth and success.

Revenue surge

We spoke to Gamelight co-founder Günay Aliyeva (pictured) to learn how the company reached the billion-dollar revenue mark in a year. Aliyeva says that the team wanted to create a marketing platform for UA managers and game publishers that could consistently deliver impressive results. “Manual targeting has proven not always to be reliable; it can take weeks to see any results, which requires a big budget," said Aliyeva.

“Our AI-powered platform simplifies the UA process, making it accessible and effective while skipping months of manual optimisations. Our platform has helped our partners achieve x4-5 times higher ARPU and scale their games quickly while maintaining high levels of profitability. Those who start advertising their games with us stay as our partners and spread the word."

Gamelight's AI algorithm

The co-founder also spoke to us about how the company utilises its AI algorithm to analyse large amounts of real-time data such as users' app usage, demographics and behavioural patterns. Aliyeva told us that, “The algorithm creates user profiles and identifies overlap between current active users and potential new users for each recommended game."

Aliyeva went on to say, “The algorithm is designed to self-adapt and optimise marketing campaigns to achieve high ROAS, increasing engagement and retention of existing users, while also attracting a new loyal user base."

What lies ahead for Gamelight

Built from the ground-up without any external funding, the German company has now launched in 11 countries and has, “Successfully partnered with most of the largest global mobile game publishers."

Looking ahead to 2024, Aliyeva says the company plans, "To expand to more countries and grow both our team and business even further. There will also be more exciting product developments that we are looking forward to releasing that will reshape the mobile gaming industry."

Gamelight remains focused on streamlining user targeting for acquisition managers and game publishers on the platform. By utilising machine learning, the AI algorithm ensures precise targeting by analysing gaming histories, preferences and demographic data to customise marketing strategies.

The company is currently ranked as a top 3 advertising source on the AppsFlyer Index across multiple game verticals and regions, next to Google and Meta. Gamelight has also won the Best App Advertising Platform at the App Growth Awards 2023, the Best AI Tool at the dotComm Awards and the Best Mobile Marketing Platform at Digiday Technology Award.

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