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Unity Finland working on mysterious "revolutionary" Project X

Jussi Laakkonen teases details

Unity Finland working on mysterious "revolutionary" Project X

Unity Finland is developing a "new, revolutionary service" for mobile game developers called Project X.

Unity's Helsinki arm, formerly Applifier, has always been focused on mobile gaming services, including Everyplay and Unity Ads.

It's a tradition that continues with its latest project, as Unity's Executive Vice President of Everyplay & Ads Jussi Laakkonen explicitly confirmed to that Project X is focused exclusively on the platform.

Breaking barriers

"Project X is a new, revolutionary service designed to infuse friends and fun into mobile games," he said.

"It's being built in the legendary skunkworks fashion with a top notch engineering team, and cutting edge technology aiming to bring to market something that's not been seen before.

"We've got some experience in breaking through impossible barriers here, as when we started working on Everyplay in April 2012 and got it working, 99% of mobile game developers on the planet wouldn't believe it would be technically feasible to record gameplay to video while maintaining high FPS in 3D games," he reflects.

"We achieved it, and then some. Now it's time to break through barriers again with Project X."

Solid details on Project X remain thin on the ground, but it's certainly something we'll be keeping a keen eye on as development progresses.

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