Connect2Media rolls out second game on PrizePlay real reward mobile platform

Tempting players with Bling

Connect2Media rolls out second game on PrizePlay real reward mobile platform
Continuing to build out its promised US activity, UK mobile publisher Connect2Media has released a second game on its real reward platform PrizePlay.

Pachinko joins Battleships, with third title Chain Letters due soon on the platform, which offers players the chance to play skill-based titles, and win real rewards.

Originally launched by US outfit Sennari, which was purchased by Connect2Media in March 2010, players buy in-game tokens to play titles and win Bling, the in-game currency that can be exchanged for rewards including Amazon gift cards.

Pinging around

In the case of Pachinko, this works as players fire the balls into cups, then correctly answer a trivia question to win the points on the cup. If you gain 170 points, these then convert into Bling.

"Pachinko is the second in what we hope to be a long line of titles under our PrizePlay brand," said product marketing manager Jennifer Lyons.

"Our ability to use PrizePlay's eCRM platform enables us to target users to increase loyalty. It is a fantastic concept, which we can take across multiple platforms."

PrizePlay is currently available on America's largest mobile carrier, Verizon, and an Android version will be made available in future.

You can find out more about the platform here.
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