Web wonder: GREE adds HTML5 app compatibility to games platform

Set for open beta launch

Web wonder: GREE adds HTML5 app compatibility to games platform
Long established on native apps, social gaming giant GREE has unveiled plans to expand its compatibility with HTML5 to allow web app devs to tap into the platform for the first time.

This new functionality is set to be rolled out via an open beta later in November, with the firm also planning to add web browser optimised functionality to its social networking service.

GREE everywhere

The company's launching new payment options, too, and has announced that the GREE platform will begin accepting PayPal payments alongside its range of card payment options and mobile carrier billing.

"The emergence of new web app development environments such as HTML5 enables true cross-platform development of web apps compatible across multiple smartphone operating systems," explained GREE in a statement.

"By expanding the compatibility of GREE Platform, developers will be able to choose the development method that best suits their technical capabilities and the characteristics of each game, providing them with a cost-effective means of distributing games worldwide."

GREE intends to make use of this expanded functionality for its own games, too, and has announced plans to launch a number of its in-house social games as web apps.
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