GameSalad adds support for Tizen

And kicks off a $500,000 incentive program

GameSalad adds support for Tizen

Will 2014 be the year of Tizen?

No consumer devices are yet available, but the Linux-based operating system is being promoted by Samsung and Intel, and has wide support across OEMs and operators.

And now game development tools outfit GameSalad has announced it will be adding its support.

Another door

To-date, GameSalad has been used to make 200,000 games across iOS, Android and HTML5, including 30,000 on the App Store.

To encourage developers to port these to Tizen, GameSalad - together with Samsung and Intel - has kicked off a $500,000 rewards scheme.

Developers will get $50 and three months free access to GameSalad's professional tools for each app published on Tizen.

On top of this, the top ranking apps as defined by Appbackr's appscore algorithm will earn up to $1,800 in further incentives.

"The Tizen Store is the latest frontier in the mobile word with a brand new store about to launch and a marketplace that is focused on high quality content," said GameSalad's CEO Steve Felter.

"The GameSalad suite of tools lets game developers bring their titles to new audiences and earn additional incentives along the way. We are committed to expanding the mobile games market and aiding developers in their growth."

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