Eight days on, iOS 8 adoption rate is around 30%

Apple's estimate seems rather high

Eight days on, iOS 8 adoption rate is around 30%

While the rest of the world is mired in discussions of the torque required to bend an anodised aluminium unibody enclosure, we're still interested in the adoption rate of iOS 8.

As covered previously, various thirdparties are tracking uptake of the new OS by looking at the usage in apps running on their platforms.

Mobile analytics and ad network Fiksu has been running a real-time page, which has the adoption rate for iOS 8 after 8 days as listed as 30 percent.

That's more than the 23 percent rate of iOS 5 during its launch, but much less than the 46 percent of iOS 6 and 51 percent of iOS 7 at a similar stage.

Fiksu's view of iOS 8 adoption after 8 days

The recent issue with the release and subsequent removal of iOS 8.0.1 doesn't appear to have any sizeable impact.

Apple outlier

Interestingly, Apple hasn't been quiet on the subject, although its way of measuring the adoption rate - via App Store usage - is perhaps less accurate than daily app usage.

For example, on 21 September, it was quoting a figure of 46 percent; something it's not since updated.

Another company considering the issue is NativeX, which like Fiksu is estimating from the usage figures it sees on its gaming-focused monetisation network.

After seven days, it measured an adoption rate of between 21 and 28 percent, with players of action and adventure games having the lower rate, and players of simulation and strategy games the higher rate.

Looking a per country adoption, it places Russia in the lead with a 32 percent rate, while China lags at 14 percent.

[source: NativeX]

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