DeltaDNA makes a game to help devs maximise their analytics

Cooking, eating its own dog food

DeltaDNA makes a game to help devs maximise their analytics

As the PlayStation 4's marketing campaign so aptly put, the focus of games today is "for the players."

But what about the developers?

To redress the balance, analytics outfit deltaDNA has just released a match-3 game within its platform which is designed as a training tool to help devs maximise the value they get from analytics.

Called deltaCrunch, it has been developed in-house and teaches best practices for game personalisation as well as analytics.

DeltaCrunch's mechanics themselves are simple, tasking players to match coloured gems to make them disappear.

However, as players progress they will be guided through the various aspects of best practice player insight and action – including segmentation, slice & dice, AB testing, in-game messaging, and push notifications.

Data crunch

Data has fast become a vital tool in helping developers and publishers unlock higher engagement rates and truly understand their players.

However, it's still a fairly young field and deltaCrunch is a way for devs to access expert guidance and best practice methodologies from a leading game analytics and personalisation platform.

Mark Robinson, deltaDNA's CEO acknowledged that "it's a unique approach, for a technology provider, to actually practice what they preach and create a game.

"With deltaCrunch, we wanted to go through the development cycle ourselves and use this experience to guide our clients in best practice and show clearly how analytics and personalization can be focused in their games," he commented

DeltaCrunch is available from today through the deltaDNA platform.

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