DeltaDNA drops price of its analytics for indies at launch by 90% to $100 a month

No excuses not to segment

DeltaDNA drops price of its analytics for indies at launch by 90% to $100 a month

Building on the momentum from its launch of a non-commercial academic licence, Scottish analytics outfit deltaDNA has now reworked its indie licence pricing.

The company, which announced a $5 million funding round in November, will now offer indie developers access to its platform for $100 a month during testing and post-launch.

For games with less than 200,000 monthly active players, this is a 90 percent discount.

Know your players

The deltaDNA platform enables developers to optimise their games through data mining and player segmentation.

"On one hand, indie developers need to get the balance of their games right to give them the best chance of being commercially viable, and yet, on the other hand, until the game makes money the cost of pro-level analytics is often beyond them," commented deltaDNA CEO Mark Robinson.

"We've therefore designed the indie pricing structure to help level the playing field, and provide indies with an edge."

You can find more details and sign up at, checking the indie tickbox.

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