DeltaDNA releases Go, its free and unlimited game analytics service

Data on the cheap

DeltaDNA releases Go, its free and unlimited game analytics service

DeltaDNA has whipped the cloak off its brand new free and unlimited game analytics service.

Christened DeltaDNA Go, the service provides developers with granular event-level data that the company claims will give an accurate picture of performance and engagement.

It’s a bold move that raises the bar for other companies that charge fees for analytics services.

As developers are endowed with more for less, rival services will have to pull something extra out the bag in order to justify their price tags.

Pinching pennies

DeltaDNA claimed that it won’t limit the number of monthly active users  a game can have before qualifying for the service. Even if a game becomes a huge success, it says that DeltaDNA Go will still be free.

The service works by providing developers access to over 60 dashboards and advanced “Slice & Dice” functionality that drills deeper into data.

If developers want to upgrade from the analytics license to the enterprise license, they’ll have to pay for the extra engagement and monetisation features.

These include player segmentation, funnels, and real-time player engagement tools as well as A/B testing, push notifications, and in-game messaging.

One Thumb Mobile's Celtic Heroes uses DeltaDNA Go

The Edinburgh-based company claims that its DeltaDNA Go SDK is quickly implemented, with an API interface that allows developers open access using their preferred third party tools, including Tableau.

One Thumb Mobile’s online multiplayer RPG Celtic Heroes has already signed up to use the service, saying in a statement that it has “made a huge difference to our team.”

The company’s executive producer Paul Simon elaborated that DeltaDNA Go “allows us to instantly access our key stats and keep an eye on the health and trends within our game across multiple platforms.”

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