iQU buys discovery outfit Tinyloot, rolls it into new integrated mobile game launch platform Mobilize

Oliver Kern takes new role

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August 3rd, 2015 acquisition iQU
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iQU buys discovery outfit Tinyloot, rolls it into new integrated mobile game launch platform Mobilize

Dutch mobile marketing and solutions outfit iQU has extended its reach with the acquisition of Tinyloot and Target Gamers.

Both companies were founded by Oliver Kern to help developers drive mobile game discovery and monetisation.

A further result of the deal is that iQU has restructured its mobile division into a new business called Mobilize, which will be lead by Kern.

It will offer developers a ranges of services from marketing campaign management and soft-launch management to data analysis across French, German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and English-speaking markets.

Simpler, smarter

"In today's saturated mobile games market it's very important for developers to not only make a great game but to also create a viable strategy to soft-launch, launch, run and monetize their game properly", said Kern, who takes the role of VP and Chief Mobilizer.

"There is a lot of noise with too many companies claiming to provide the silver bullet in terms of player acquisition or analytics or some other such service. However, a game is successful when many factors work in harmony.

"In a nutshell, our goal with Mobilize is to help developers understand all the levers of launching a successful game and maximizing their opportunity when self-publishing their titles.

IQU founder and board member Reinout te Brake also commented, "The current games landscape is extremely complex, with small teams having to master technical, creative, analytical, tactical, marketing and industry knowledge to be successful.

"With Mobilize we have brought together an experienced, world-class team to help clients navigate this landscape and increase their probability of success."

You can find out more about the company’s services at

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