Basemark to underpin OSVR open standards ecosystem for VR

Better together

Basemark to underpin OSVR open standards ecosystem for VR

Much of the debate around VR is set in traditional versus formation.

So it's Oculus Rift versus Sony Morpheus versus Valve/HTC Vive.

But given the fluidity of the sector - no hardware is going to be available to consumer in volume until early 2016 - perhaps this is the wrong approach.

As Google is demonstrating with its Cardboard mount, maybe a more flexible platform approach will win out.

Loose group

Certainly, in this context, one to watch is OSVR, an industry consortium of over 230 companies focusing on creating open standards for virtual reality, which is lead by gaming hardware outfit Razer.

It's just announced that Finnish benchmarking outfit Basemark is bringing its VR benchmarking tech to the consortium.

This is important to provide a grounding to the otherwise potentially diverse ecosystem.

"Typically, an industry standard benchmark is needed in situations where a new key technology emerges rapidly and there is a large number of companies offering competing solutions," said Tero Sarkkinen, Basemark's CEO.

"This is exactly the case of the VR industry."

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