Scotland dominated by small mobile games studios, says TIGA

TIGA research looked at team size and studio focus

Scotland dominated by small mobile games studios, says TIGA

TIGA has published a new set of figures that reveal the Scottish video games industry is a champion of mobile and tablet games development.

The trade body found that 56 percent of Scottish studios are working to create mobile and tablet games, while the UK industry as a whole (including Scotland) stands at 48 percent.

Small and mighty

Elsewhere, 91 percent of the Scottish studios TIGA has examined had 14 or fewer members of staff. It marks Scotland as a country dominated by small studios, since across the rest of the UK the figure is 79 percent.

Overall TIGA found that Scotland placed greater emphasis on mobile game development compared to the rest of the UK, with modest budgets and team sizes.

“Scotland has many exciting, growing and successful studios and games companies including 4J Studios, Blazing Griffin Games, Codeplay, deltaDNA, Firebrand, Kobojo, Ninja Kiwi Europe, Outplay, Tag, Ruffian, Speech Graphics and Rockstar,” said TIGA CEO Richard Wilson.

“The Scottish video games industry has grown in recent years, partly as a result of a surge in start-ups focused on mobile and tablet games development.

“The challenge now is to reduce the failure rate of games companies – 30 per cent of all UK games businesses have closed down over the last five years – and to encourage the growth of more durable studios with more staff that are capable of handling larger projects.

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