Video: Ignited Artists on the 6 types of funding

Six ways to get funded

Video: Ignited Artists on the 6 types of funding

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2015, Danielle Deibler, Co-Founder & CEO of Ignited Artists, gave a talk on various types of investment.

She outlined six types that her company used or tried to use when first starting out – bootstrapping, angel investment, seed funding, series A funding, strategic funding, and crowdfunding.

Be realistic

For bootstrapping, she said that "you have to be very, very realistic about your budget", since it's all your own money being used, but it can be an easy way to work on a prototype without wasting time looking for funding.

Angel investment is useful for a boost during development, as "you get to keep the majority of your company" from not having to sell equity, but it may not necessarily be enough to finish a game with.

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