FTUE: Clash Royale

The opening of Supercell's fourth game analysed

FTUE: Clash Royale

In our First Time User Experience videos, we play the first 10 minutes of F2P mobile games to experience how developers are onboarding their players in terms of the UX and basic tutorial process.

In this episode of FTUE, we play Supercell's much anticipated Clash Royale.

Play your cards right

Given the time the game has been in soft launch, it's no surprise that Supercell has delivered a polished introduction to its card-based MOBA.

Yet, as the mouthful of the genre suggests, this is not the simplest concept for gamers to get their heads around.

For that reason, the tutorial seems to be fairly slow paced.

Yet, significantly, Supercell doesn't shy away from highlighting complexity, most notably in the way you have to wait to unlock your rewards at the end of a mission.

In the tutorial, the 15 second wait is immaterial in-and-of-itself, but the option to spend hard currency to gain it instantly does point to the one of the game's longterm monetisation strategies.

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